Miami, Florida. Tuesday 04. August 2020 

Say Cheeez!! Say Cheeez!!

In 2010, we started our business with the purchase of a hot dog cart, which we named Doggi’s & More. We offered to our customers: hot dogs, sodas and the famous papelón con limón, a traditional Venezuelan beverage made with sugar cane and lemon. As a result of this first experience and having as a major goal the growth of the business; in 2011, we opened our first restaurant located in Coral Way, offering an extensive menu featuring Venezuelan cuisine, prepared with homemade recipes, that are part of a great family secret, and adding our innovative touch of culinary nature. This new concept offered to our clients originates from the knowledge, effort and dedication of a team formed by Yoleida Galiano and her sons, Carlos and Giovanni Esteves. In May 2016, we keep growing and opened a new restaurant, located in Biscayne with 72nd Street, to satisfiy the market demand in the area of North Miami. This has been an experience that, so far, we have led successfully and with excellent receptivity from our customers.